Friday, October 05, 2007

Well its been another long gap of time since I have been here. Again, my excuse is after being on the computer all day long at work, just don't want to get near it when I get home. So I am either outside or in the Art room. The weather here has still been very warm for the first of October. And we are still in a drought here, rain is still few and far between.
But today was a excellent day for me! I took a personal day off from work and just enjoyed the day so much. I had to take care of a little business this morning and then I got to meet up with my girl, Mizz Rosie. Whew, it has been too long since we had seen each other! We met at the wonderful Cheesecake Factory and had us a long gabbing session and a delicous lunch! We had not seen each other in a few but it didn't feel like it as we just jive(old hippy word) so good together. She is so fun to be with and we have a fun time together! After lunch, we went over to the bookstore and bought us some great Magazines. Then walked around the mall for a few too. It was the best day I have had in a long time. Thanks Miz Rosa!!!
Now I will post a few pics of some Halloween ATCs I have made recently for some swaps. I have really enjoyed doing some great swaps in Swap-bot. I have recieved some awesome art recently too! They have weeded out the slackers and the artists who are in there now never flake on the swaps. I recieved some beautiful art from other Countries too, love that too!
Below are a few of the ATCs that I have made recently.

I Love Halloween ATCs, they are just so fun to make. And I can't wait to show off some of the ones I have recieved, hopefully I can by tomorrow or Sunday. Tomorrow is going to be busy day but Sunday is always alot more relaxed for me. Well I am going to go snuggle down and check out some of my new Mags. Hi to everyone and even though I am not posting as much I still try to visit at my friends blogs.



Rosa said...

Bethy, it was so much fun today!! We do have a good time, don't we. I love your Elvira ATCs! Too cute. I like the Witch is IN! hehe. Funny. Yes, I'm still full too. And I am still in awe with all you gave me!! Thank you!! Yes, Miss Bella went right to the shadowbox! It's going up real high!! xoxo

LMS(oceandreamer) said...

I had to stop in as it's been so long...I've been trying to take blogger breaks and do some art- even if it's on journal pages.
I wanted to stop in and see how you are, give you a hug and drop a little love on your doorstep.
How wonderful you and Rosa got together...I can just imagine how fun it would be to spend time with the two of you.
Your Halloween ATC's are too fun, as always!
Have a great weekend!

vicci said...

My Dearest bethie....You are doing much better than I am in the blogging...and art department...just so way behind....I am! Lots of appts. and cleaning...I miss you! and love ya! XXXXOOOOOO

Sacred Suzie said...

Sigh, I just love Halloween and I adore your creations!

Mary Timme said...

Isn't it great to met with friends. I love doing that! I'm glad you girls had a fun time, but hey, You Did Go To The Cheesecake Factory! No dummies in either family!