Thursday, October 18, 2007

My soon to be new house.

Yes, another long gap of time since I have posted. But between work and my newest adventure, I haven't had alot of time left for blogging. The house in the picture above is my parents current home. They just recently bought the house next door to them as they love the floor plan and it is all on one level. So,,,guess who is buying this house? Yep,,its me, and my hubby.
We have been helping my parents remodel the new house and they are really going to have a very pretty house when it is ready.
This best part of this is that I will be living next door to my bestfriend, my dear, sweet Mother.
We are both thrilled with this wonderful new developement.
The house above is perfect for us. It has a full finished basement and a hugh detached workshop for the hubby. Here are more pictures of the house.

Nice big covered deck on the side of the house. Its a great place to hang flower baskets as you can see by the ones Mom has hanging there.
This is the back of the house. It has a hugh backyard, and I see a swimming pool there one day.

This is the house that my parents bought. I am only showing this picture because I have taken alot of before pictures of the house and I am going to take alot of pictures after is has been beautifully remodeled. I am so excited and just had to share my news with my blogger friends.
I will be very busy the next few months so I may not get to post as much as I would like too. But I will try to be a little more frequent than what I have been lately.
The weather has still been very mild for October here in Tennessee. We have had a few storms but so far no frost yet.
I hope every one is doing well and now I am off to check on everyones blogs!


Mary Timme said...

I've been wondering what was happening in your life. wow! I can see a workshop out on the deck for summer projects. It is all very beautiful.

Janet said...

Wow!! So many changes to your blog and your life! The house looks great and how much better could it get than to be right next door to your mom! I can't wait to see all the wonderful artsy things that will be created.

I've missed you and I've been so busy with the dentist. Hopefully that's all behind me now.

Naturegirl said...

I love your bungalow cottage! My hubby and are looking to buy one ourselves..these two storeys are too much on the arthritic hips and knee!
All the best in dressing up your new cottage! Thank you for taking time to wish me a happy B.Day! it was a good day! blessings NG

Suzanne said...

Thanks for your nice comments on my Nashville Daily Photo site. As it's October, you may not have noticed that it is no longer an active blog (last post, last October) but I keep it up because I still think it's pretty good and definitely served as good practice. Come visit my two new blogs: Landscape into Art (a painting a day) and Diary of a Studio. You can access them through my profile page.

It's great to meet another artist in the Nashville area. Congratulations on your new house and best wishes with the remodeling!