Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sun and Fun

Our oldest daughter did make it here on Tuesday right on time. She is just a pretty and sweet as ever. We were so happy to see her and she was happy and excited to be here.
We got up yesterday morning and took of to our favorite haunts, THRIFT STORES! She found several cute summer tops. I found a very bright orange Asian figurine for the oriental garden by my pond, and we both loaded up on books. Then we went to eat a wonderful lunch and wait for her sister to get out of her classes at collage. Kalyn got out at 2:15, so we all head to the river to chill and cool off. Here's my girls on their colorful tubes in the river.

We of course included the Brat dog in on the fun. She may like the sprinkler in the backyard but she still is not a "jump in and swim in the big River" dog. She did go out for a few with me on my tube but was quite ready to get back to shore, thank you very much!
After our fun time at the river, we headed back home to wait on their brother to come out. He finally showed up and we ordered some pizza and sat out in the pond. It was so nice last night, no humidity and a nice breeze. I had to snap a pic of Kyle and Allison on the swing.

And another pic of the girls sitting on the bench in the pond!
I think they were listening to Brother telling a story, it must have been a interesting one!!!
Later on Daniel came home and the pizza man arrived and we spent the rest of the evening laughing and remembering stories from the past. It felt so good to have our "little chicks" back home in our nest.
I hope everyone is having as nice of week as I am!!!


Wanda said...

Great Pictures! Nothing as fun as family time together!
I get to spend a few days at Lake Tahoe with my daughter Julie and her family!! Can't pixs when I get back!

Janet said...

I'm having a good week but nothing compared to yours!! How nice to have your kids there together. Love the photo of the girls in their tubes....they look so cute. And I'm envious that you have such a fun place so close by. I'm glad you're enjoying your summer. We've finally cooled of to the 90's!

AnnieElf said...
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AnnieElf said...

Serious warm fuzzies happening here Beth. It's always so nice when the family is all together again.

Mary Timme said...

Oh, I had fun coming with you. Yikes, swimming in a river! Ugh. I'm such a land lubber in that respect. Give me a pool any day! Brave woman is what you are.

I'm glad you are having such a good visit!

Rosa said...

OH that water looks wonderful. So glad you are enjoying your summer!

Jeanie said...

How happy you all look, and what a wonderful family. Must be a GREAT week. (I had a great mail day when I found a package from YOU in my box last night -- but I'll email you on that!)

Have a great week!

CattyCat said...

Looks like the fam is happy together.

Just droping in to catch up on your blog and to say Hi and to also wish you a great Sunday.

I did mail you the Gold Fish ATC. Let me know what you think when you get it.

Gemma said...

So glad you are enjoying yourself and family. Looks like so much fun!!!

vicci said...

I love the photos Bethie.....sounds like you are having a great time Sweetie...I am glad! :-)
I haven't been on the puter too much! I miss you! XXXXOOOOO