Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stormy Tuesday and Sweet Daughter

I woke up this morning to the wonderful sound of rain falling on the roof. That is the best sound for me right now as we have had no rain in over a week and a half. The temps are alot cooler with this rain too. Its been a very hot and dry summer here so far. I do feel lucky that we haven't been as hot as my friends in the western states. But even when it gets into the low 90s here, the humidity makes it feel even hotter.
Today is the day that my beautiful step-daughter will fly in to visit with us. Her daddy will be picking her up tonight at 6:15. I am praying for no storms when her flight is to arrive. Allison lived with us back in 2003 for most of the summer and fall. Her and I became very close and I missed her so much when she went back to Idaho. She had been through some tough times when she came to live with us, but really bounced back from them and has done great ever since. I can't wait to see her again! Her is a pic that I took of her on her last visit.

She was in her work shirt, she had a job at the Waffle house. The customers loved her so much as she always had a smile and just very bubbly, happy personality. On her last night of work there before she went back to Idaho, all her customers came to see her and gave her very BIG tips. She came home crying and counted her money, she had close to $200. She really is a very loving and sweet young lady! So I will be posting alot of the fun we are going to have while she is here. She is my husbands only child and he is so excited to see her and so am I.
The past few days have been so hot and dry. Since we lost our backyard guard dog, Ranger, Daniel has been sowing grass seed back there and the backyard and deck is a place we have really been enjoying. Before it was the Ranger zone and we would sit back there alot but now we do even more. So Daniel has been running the sprinkler on the new grass seed. Our little spoiled Brat terrier has to hang with us where ever we are at. She never has liked the water, just not a water dog. But now since it has been so hot, she has decided that its not so bad after all. Sunday night she decided that she really didn't like the sprinkler any more so she made it her mission to take it out.

I really believe she would have drowned herself trying to get that sprinkler to stop. She was really enjoying being wet as it was so hot. Here is a pic of her looking like a drowned Rat!
Such a funny little Brat,,thats my Lady!!! I hope ever one has a terrific Tuesday, I know I will once our child makes it here safe and sound.


AnnieElf said...

Hi Beth. Your dog is a riot. Your stepdaughter is a young beauty and now four years have past. Be sure to post current pics. By the way, love your music here. I play it at work for background sound now that it's just me and so quiet.

Janet said...

Your stepdaughter is beautiful! I'm sure you'll have a fun time while she's there. And the little dog is so funny. He's really giving that sprinkler a hard time!

I had to laugh when you said it hadn't rained in a week and a half and that you missed the sound of rain. We haven't had any rain in almost a year!!!! Zip....nada....zilch! Talk about DRY. Send some of that stuff my way, would you please!

vicci said...

Hi Bethie...I heard that it was getting HOT back there...thank goodness for water...just run thru that sprinkler naked ! :-) The doggie's got the right idea...I just got back from meeting Maryellen at the half-way point between our places.....we stopped at a thrift store...and Baskins and Robbins ice cream...have fun with your stepdaughter...she looks darling!

Wanda said...

Beth, your stepdaughter is very charming! I can see why she would make good tips. It's a hard trade, I did it years ago in college.
Your Lady is a riot...we had a dog once that would attack the sprinklers!!
Nice post. Pray safety for the trip.

miss*R said...

oh I was laughing out loud imagining how your dog must have looked while attacking the sprinkler... have fun with your stepdaughter - she is a gorgeous girl!
we have had alot of rain the past few weeks, which is good as we were in severe drought.

LisaOceandreamer said...

What a lovely girl and how wonderful that you and she have such a special relationship. I know you'll have a great time together.
I had to laugh at your dog trying to take the sprinkler out...they can be so funny. My cat doesn't like water of course but she does like to sit in front of the window AC and lift her head around. Silly girl!