Monday, July 23, 2007

Quiet Monday

Well my life has become quiet again. Our daughter flew home saturday night. We had such a great time with her and her brother and sister. We had a houseful on friday night as alot of their friends came to say good-bye.
It was hard to see her leave again. We get use to her being here and then its time for her to go home. Daniel was very sad yesterday and so was I.
Today I have worked on a few art projects and trying to get use to having the house to myself again. I went out and took some pictures of my flowers.
I hope everyone is doing good and that you all had a wonderful week-end. Here is a few more flower pics.


Mary Timme said...

It is hard! I surely understand why you feel a little lonesome. The flowers are gorgeous though!

Janet said...

It's always difficult for me when my son has visited and then has to go home. But at least you got to spend lots of time with her and it looks as if you had lots of fun.

Your flowers are so beautiful.