Monday, November 23, 2009

Getting the spirit!

Yes, its just Thanksgiving week, I know. But I have been making some Christmas zentangles this past week. I haven't had alot of time to do much art lately but I have squeezed in a little zentangle time.

They are simple and fun. The last two I just used some Christmas stencils. I hope to get some more art time this week. I only have to work today and tomorrow.
Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers for my Aunt Addie. She did make it through the surgery. She had a plate and 2 pins put in her hip fracture. We are hoping she will make a complete recovery.
Yesterday was mine and Hubby's 9th Anniversary. I spent the night with my bestfriend on friday night. She lives a few countys east of us. We had a fun time. Then we did some shopping on saturday. I bought Hubby some blue jeans for Anniversary present and got him a card. When I got home he had bought me a beautiful mirror on a little stand that has a very loving quote on it. I also got a $50 gift card for Michaels,,,YES!!! And yesterday he bought me a Foot spa,,I have a bad bone spur in my right foot so it really helps ease the pain. That Man spoils me!
I hope every one had a great week-end! And I hope every one is ready to have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Kim's Treasures said...

I find that kind of drawing very relaxing! I'm glad you found some time to create! I haven't done a thing since Disney World besides get really sick. Now I'm at our Chicago apartment and I only had room in the car to bring a small scarf embroidery project (that I've been working on far too long! Hopefully, I'll finish it this week!)

Your zentangles are wonderful, are you making them into cards?

Happy belated anniversary!!!


Rosa said...

Love your cards. One day. . . lol So glad you and hub had a wonderful anniversary. And so happy to hear your aunt is better. The power of prayer and good wishes are good. They have kept me going too. xoxoxo

Jeanie said...

These are fun, Beth! And Happy belated anniversary!

PEA said...

Zentangles...I never heard that word before! Can you tell I'm not artistic? lol Always love to see what you've created, though:-)

Please know that my prayers continue for your Aunt Addie. I'm glad to hear that she got through the surgery ok and as you said, hopefully she will heal well now. At that age it can take so long for bones to heal.

Happy belated Anniversary to you and your hubby:-) You deserve to get spoiled so let him spoil you all he wants! hehe Love you! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Your Zentangles and other art are wonderfull and I love your Fall Pictures.

Shopgirl said...

Love your Christmas Z's. And a late Happy Anniversary. Your honey did some good stuff.
Happy Thanksgiving, Hugs Mary

Janet said...

First of all (even though it's late) Happy Anniversary!! Sounds like your hubby knows just what you like!

I love your Christmas zentangles! I may have to get out the markers and do some myself. Things have been so crazy around here with company and then my desktop died so I'm not getting stuff done like I want.

PS - glad your aunt had a successful surgery.