Monday, November 09, 2009

Beautiful Week-end! And some completed Art Projects.

It really was a beautiful Fall week-end. Actually it had a touch of Indian Summer to it. The temps were in the low 70s and the sun was shining. We really haven't had too many pretty days this Fall but this week-end made up for that. I spent most of the week-end working in the yard.
I planted tulip bulbs and pansys at both my house and Moms. I also mulched leaves with the riding mower. We have so many trees and too many leaves. But I enjoyed the week-end and felt very Thankful for it.
I am in a Christmas pennent swap in my Yahoo group. I had to to make 11 pennants with the letter C and 11 with the letter E. I finished them this week-end. I can't wait to get the completed pennants back, I know they will be so pretty. Here are my letters.

The pictures are not the greatest as I forgot to scan them so I took a picture of them with my cell phone this morning. I also made a little hostess gift for the friend who is hosting the swap. Its a paper mache ornament.
Another wonderful occasion that I am Thankful for is that my Football team, The Titans, beat the 49ers yesterday. They are coming back finally!
I hope every one had a truly wonderful week-end. And have a lovely week too!


Janet said...

Yea for your Titans! And your projects look great. I need to get busy with some things for Christmas but can't seem to get in gear.

Jeanie said...

Those are beautiful, Beth. And I love that ornament. Glad your team won! (And I'm grateful for a beautiful weekend, too. You were productive!)

Shopgirl said...

I am not big on football, and since 3 of my children went to BSU I have to cheer for the home team.
Bronco nation is what we call ourselves. We are all a bounch of crazies when it comes to our team.
Boise State hasn't lost a game so far this year...
So I know what it means to be cheering on your is a good day when they win.
Love your projects, I just started Christmas crafts this week, yikes!
Big Hugs, Mary

JessInFocus said...

They are so pretty and I love the ornament. Glad the Titans won even though I'm not a football fan.

PEA said...

Sounds like we had the same kind of weather over the weekend, it was beautiful where my brother and Shawn live as well:-) We've actually had nothing but sunshine all week and although it's a bit cool, I don't mind as long as the sun is shining!

Oh Beth, I just love your banner letters, so beautiful! The papier mache heart is also gorgeous. Wish I had even a quarter of your artistic talent:-)

Hope your mom is doing well, think of you often. Love ya! xoxoxoxo

Rosa said...