Sunday, May 03, 2009

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!!!!

Yes, the rain gage is showing 5 inches. I haven't emptied it and I am sure we are now up to over 6 inches. We have had rain off and on all this past week. It really started coming down heavy on Thursday night and hasn't let up since. It was nice at first because the garden needed some rain but now its starting to be way too much!
So we finally have a diagnosis on what is wrong with my Dad. He had a tick on him about a week and a half ago and my brother found it and got it off of him.

Now the doctors are telling us that he has a bacterial infection from it and its called EHRLICHIOSIS. It has made his blood platelets drop and has wrecked havoc on his nervous system. He is still in the hospital but will be transferring to a Nursing home hopefully tomorrow for Rehab. He is so weak that he cannot hardly walk.
Ticks are really bad here especially in the spring when they first hatch out.
I have always worn Deep Woods Off that has Deet in it when I work outside. I don't like wearing it but it keep ticks and Mosquito's off of you. I don't want to get any kind of disease from those pesks so its worth wearing the Off.

So far my garden has not suffered from all of this rain. I went outside yesterday in between the down pours and took some pictures of the garden. It needs weeding really bad right now but with all this rain its rather hard to do. Here are a few pictures of it so far.
I have 10 different tomato plants. Cherry tomatoes, Better Boy, Homestead, Early Girl, Bradley's, etc... They are really growing and have blooms on them too.
I have several strawberry plants in a raised bed.
And also several different kinds of herbs.
And watermelons and cantaloupes.
Turnips and greens
Cauliflower, Cabbage and Broccoli
I just looked at the weather and we have more rain predicted for the rest of this week too. I mean seriously,,we need some SUNSHINE!!!! My grass is getting really high but its too wet to mow it and the garden needs weeding. I sure hope my hard work doesn't suffer from this wet spell.
I hope every one had a great week-end. And have a great week too, please send some Sunshine my way!!!


Janet said...

Ok, I'm sending sunshine! Could you send some rain out to me?

It's good that you finally have a diagnosis on your dad. I know ticks are bad but I've never heard of that particular infection. Now that they know what it is hopefully they can get him healed and healthy again.

Janet said...

PS- Forgot to say....your garden looks amazing!! I'm so jealous!

Cat said...

Glad you know what's up with pops!
As for weeds I've decided that they are ground cover and helping me save water from evaporation.

Shopgirl said...

Like Janet, I haven't heard of this infection, but I also know they are dangerous. Sending love and get well to your Dad.
Your garden is wonderful. It has really taken off. We are having rain storms day after day too.
Our garden will have to wait till next spring. Arney's knee surgery is Wed. I didn't want him to think about a garden because he would do things he isn't supposed to do. I will plant herbs and flowers in the back will still be nice. Love, Mary

Jeanie said...

Good news about the diagnosis -- I've been thinking of him. And your garden looks great.

I know what you mean about the rain. We've had more than our share, too.

Good vibes continue to come your way for your stepdad. But at least they know how to treat him now.

jet1960 said...

Hope your stepdad is on the mend. Thanks for your sweet words in your last post at my blog.

Love your garden and raised beds. I've been wanting to do the beds, but haven't been able to get my hubby on board with that particular project. We've not been able to get a garden in this year due to lack of time and the weather. I hope to start some herbs at least and maybe some flower from seed this year and maybe we'll get a few late things out in the garden when we get back from Texas.

Rosa said...

OMG! These tics wreak havock around here. I'm glad they found out what it was. Ewwwwww.