Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Its certainly been a nice long week-end for me. I recovered from the nasty little virus by saturday. Saturday was actually a really nice day weather wise. I got my 2 acre yard mowed and then worked over at Mom's house, cleaning off her front porch and back patio. Yesterday I cleaned my carpets which wasn't too bad as I only have 3 bedrooms with carpet. I also cleaned all the windows in the house too. And even they aren't hard to clean as they are the tilt in windows, easy peasy!
Yesterday was a good inside day as we had thundershowers off and on all day long. Every once in a while the sun would pop out and I would go outside and take pictures of some of the flowers.

Love them with the rain drops clinging to the petals.
The picture above and picture below are made on my deck. I have it fixed up the way I love in the summer time. Its a great place to hang out even in the rain.

The next picture is of the wonderful compost bin that my Sweet Hubster made me this week-end. I had been yabbering about wanting one and had sent him a website of one that someone had made so being the great carpenter that he is(you really are,DB) he made me one just like it.
I can't wait to fill that sucker up with all kinds of wonderful compostable stuff. I really want to use compost to feed the garden instead of fertilizer. He is going to set it out in the yard today.
It was really raining hard in that picture. Next shot is of my poinsetta plant. I always repot poinsettas after Christmas and put them outside in the summer. They make really pretty plants and this one has stayed red. I have some more that I put in the ground too and they make nice big green bushy plants, great fillers.
And next is my "knock-out" rose that my sweet son bought for me. He works for a plant company that supplys HD's with plants. He knew I wanted one so he bought it for me, wasn't that a sweetie?
I have a rain barrel that the Hubby put under one our drainspouts so I can use it to water my flowers and plants with the wonderful rain water. I try to go green as much as I can.
My Nastursiums are blooming like crazy in my back flower bed. Love them, I start them from seed and they are sure fire winners in my book. You can even put the flowers in salads as they are edible and have a peppery taste plus make your salads pretty too!
The next picture is some of my moonflower's that are popping up from seed. Almost every thing I am growing this year has been from seed except of course my perienals that come back every year.
And I have also started some Lemon cucumbers. I have about 10 or more regular and pickling cukes already in the garden but a friend of mine gave me these Lemon cuke seeds so I have to give them a try. She said they are delish!
So you can see that we had a nice rainy day but I sure didn't mind at all. In fact I have actually been in my Art studio alot this week-end too. I have been working on my Art Journals and also made a shadow box for Mom but forgot to take a picture of it. I will today as we are going over there this afternoon to cook out. I also made a collage for me. I really enjoyed creating some art again. And, this is where I sit in my studio when I am on my laptop, like right now. Its a great view out the 2 big windows and heavenly to smell the fresh rain too.
Thats the collage I have been working on. I still have a little more tweaking to do on it and then I will post it.
I hope every one has a wonderful Memorial Day! To me its the official start of summer time, when the living is easy!!!



Annie said...

Dear Beth,

I loved wandering around the outside of your house, especially on a rainy day.


Shopgirl said...

Sweet Beth, Your yard is really nice even in the rain.
The news paper is of my own doing.
I found the background I liked, then put a line down the middle, and then add what I is something to do while Arney is healing. I just can't seem to settle on a project, so this is my way of staying active, and it is fun. Thank you for asking,
Hugs, Mary

Janet said...

You must have two green thumbs plus a few green fingers! Your yard looks so nice....even in the rain. I'm glad you had a good weekend. We did, too, although ours was pretty quiet.

Jeanie said...

Every post fills me with awe for your terrific garden. Boy, you are one busy woman!

jet1960 said...

Woman, you put me to shame! You are getting so much done! I can't remember the last time I washed windows! I am hanging my head.

Really, though, I love seeing the pics of all you have growing, both in your garden and around your house.

How cool that your hubby would build you a compost bin! He's a great guy!