Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas shadowbox!

I finally took a break tonight from working on the new house. And decided to share pictures of the shadowbox that I made for my dear friend Jane whom I visited in New York this summer.
I made this shadowbox out of one of those cheap plastic box frames that you can buy at Michaels. I just Love this picture of Santa with the animals. The saying at the bottom says "believe in peace". It just fits the picture. Here are more pictures of it.

The front of the box is covered with a transparency. It looks so much prettier in person and I have bought 2 more boxes in hopes that Mom and I can make us both one before Christmas.
It sure has been a hectic week for me. We have been doing our Gateway testing this week at work. It is an important series of tests that High School students must pass in order to Graduate. The State is very strict with the tests and the testing has to be done in a certain order and then packaged back up in a certain way. Tomorrow is the last testing day, Yay!!!
I came home early from working on the house on Sunday and I put up our Christmas tree. Daniel bought a live tree at Home Depot and for $20 it turned out to be so lovely.

Now for a picture of me painting on my cabinets at the new house. Its rather late on saturday night and I am pretty wore out.
And now but not least is a picture of the spoiled rotten "Santa Rat". I hope every one is doing well and you all are in my thoughts. Bear with me as I make this transition into my new house and I will be back to blogging alot more often.


Mary Timme said...

Love the Santa Rat! And the shadow box is lovely, but really the dog is alive and the box while very beautiful (I like the tranny front a lot!) is not living. The dog is! Okay it is pretty calm for a terrier, but still alive. If it weren't tired beyond words would you have gotten the hat on it head? No, probably not as it would have to be shaken off and grabbed and killed first, vermin that hats can be! You know? Smiling here.

Janet said...

Your "Santa Rat" looks so cute. I bet that was a difficult picture to get!

Love that shadow box! I might have to try one of those....when I find some time! That might be awhile!!

I can't wait to see your house when you get finished with it. I'm sure it will be beautiful.

Rosa said...

Bethy! That box is gorgeous! What a wonderful idea!! I'm sure Jane loves it!! Oooh, your house is coming along. I love the color you chose for your cabs. SO buttery. And speaking of butter, look at you gf! When was the last time you had butter. You're looking good, well, actually, you're looking great!! xo

Anonymous said...

Beth...the shadowbox is stunning. I love it and all the details. Love that you can see through it. How clever to use one of those boxes. Your Christmas tree is so pretty.

Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

I had to come by Beth, it's been so long. Sending you love and hugs and to see how things were going in the new house. Sounds like you're working hard but WOW that shadow box amid all that is amazing!
I am anxious to see pics of all the work you've been doing in the house.
Know that I am thinking of you!

Annie said...

Nice Beth. I love the resurrected and reinvented cheap box. Isn't it just great when you can take something so simple, so far? Santa Rat is a cutie. Check your email. I'm sending you a couple of pictures of Santa Tanner. Hugs, Annie