Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Fun Time with Mom and Rosemary!!

Well good grief,,I have been slacking a wee bit this past week as far as posting on my blog.  But I was busy trying to get my Website up for my Hair bows and Headbands. I am still working on it and it isn't published yet but when I do publish I will post a link on my blog of course.
We sure have been having some crazy weather.  Really warm one day and then cold the next.  I haven't been out much lately either.  But last week Rosemary and I started texting and we were wanting to take a class at one of the new Scrapbook stores that is new to our area.  We found a class at Archivers.  They just opened this past November.   So we found a class to make Valentines Day Cards.  I signed up Mom and I and we hooked up with Rosemary at the class.  It was a really fun class and we had a really fun time.  Any time I am with Rosemary I have a blast.  That Girl can make you laugh and smile all the time.  Love her so MUCH!!!  So here are some of the pictures from yesterday.

This was Barbie, our really Sweet Instructor,,and Mom  hard at work making her cards.

The cute cards that we made! We used stamps and embossing  and also quilling.
This was the quilling card.  They are suppose to be Lady bugs in Love.
But my quilling skills are not the best. I just never have been able to master
that talent.  I think my fingers are just too large to be successful at it.

 I thought this card was really cute!
 And on this card we put the little pleated material on the bottom.
This is another one that I really enjoyed making too.

And here is Mom,,don't she look so good?  And still going strong. After such a rough year last year
I have been trying to get her out and about and she really enjoyed going to this class! I had to help her some with her cards as her hands are a little shaky now days.  But she will be 83 next month and I am so Thankful that she is still with me and still able to get out and enjoy fun times together. We are going to the Casinos in Tunica next month for her Birthday,,she loves to play the slots!

The pictures above were some really cute Ideas that they were displaying at Archivers.

Mom is working away on her cards!

And Last,,but certainly not Least,,,is my VERY WONDERFUL AND DEAR FRIEND
Rosemary!!!  We just had a blast,,but I always do when I am with her!!!  Love You, Ro!!!

I tell you,,I am glad I was broke yesterday because I could have easily spent quite a bit of $ in that 
Store.   I am really glad that it is in Nashville now and planning on taking more fun classes there.

I hope every one had a great past week and hope you have a wonderful Week-end too.   I will be watching the NFL Play Offs tomorrow.  Love Play Off time!  And ready for the Superbowl!! 
Hugs to all!


Rosa said...

How fun was that!!!! Can't wait to see you on the 3rd (or 4th) Loves ya, girl!

Janet said...

Cute cards! And your mom looks great. I can just imagine how much fun you had with Rosemary.

Shopgirl said...

Your Mom is beautiful. The cards are so fun, I need to make some myself...take care of you, Love Mary

PEA said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaa...I want to spend time with you and Rosa!!!! I can just imagine the trouble we could get into! hehe It certainly does sound like you, Rosa and your mom had a fabulous time at that card making workshop. Love all the cards you made, such adorable ideas.

Yes, you and I are both blessed to still have our moms with us. Your mom looks terrific and you'd never know by looking at her that she went through such a rough time last year. My mom is doing well, her biggest problem right now is loneliness plus she hates the winter months...I try to take her out or be with her as much as I can:-) xoxo

Naturegirl said...

Beth it is truly a blessing for you to have mom by your side making forever memories! I know that you cherish this day.
When our moms are forever gone these are the memories that comfort our aching hearts.Mothers always our first Valentine and our forever Valentine! Blessings to you and your sweet mom. xo

Jeanie said...

These are really, really cute and you all look like you're having a good time. Wish I was in Nashville top play with the both of you!

jet1960 said...

Love the new blog look, or at least it's new since I checked in last! Good to see your Mom out having fun! Tell her "hi" fof me! Cute cards!