Friday, January 06, 2012

First Post for the New Year!

Happy New Year!  Yes,,it's a wee bit late, but at least it's still January.
The weather has been so awesome so far this Winter.  We have had a few flurries but it was back in early December. The rest of the winter has been fairly mild.  Today's high is going to be 64. Loving it!!
Even though I had a rough ending to last year with my Stepdad's illness and then his death, I started a new adventure in being creative.  First, I have been more proactive in working on my Photography skills.  A close friend and neighbor, asked me to taking some Fall pictures of her 3 kids.  It was really great practice for me.  Some turned out really good, but I know I have a long ways to go before I could consider myself "Professional".  Below are some of the pictures I took.

Unfortunately, I took these pictures during mid day and the sun was harsh on some of them.  I Love the last two that was made with them laying down in the leaves.   I also played around in Photoshop Elements with some of them too.  I really Love the results.

They are really great Kids and we had a blast taking Pics that day.  The oldest one will be a Senior next year and Mom has asked me to do his Senior Pictures.  Excited about that too.  
Today, I am going to be doing Senior Pictures for another close friend's daughter.  I have so many ideas on what I want to do with her too.  She will not arrive till later in the afternoon after school so the lighting should be much better for hers.  Also going to do some inside too.
At least I am getting a lot of practice.  
I also took some pictures this summer of my daughter's friend's children.  They are younger and it was a bit more challenging. You got to Love the dirty little faces,,so precious.

I am so Thankful that I am able to get a lot of practice with photographing  children.  I know I will be taking so many pics of my Sweet Granddaughter when she arrives in April.  I have many plans for that little Sweetie.  
Another one of the venues I have been working on this past fall and presently is making  Infant and children's  Headbands, Bows, and hats.  Mom helped me with the hats.   I am trying to get a website up and going to try to sell some.  I have a facebook page with them too.   I also want to do some craft shows this spring.  Here are some pics of just a few.  I will post more in the next few days.

So you can see I have been fairly busy.  But I am enjoying not having to work any more.  I just want to make some extra money so I can buy some more fun toys to play with,,like more photography equipment.            
I hope every one has a Great Week-end!!!  


PEA said...

Happy New Year to you too, dear Beth:-) I am totally impressed with your photography of those children, you did really good my friend!! If you continue that way, it won't take long before you can consider yourself a professional photographer:-) My oldest brother Denis is a professional photographer and has been for over 35 years...he's got cameras and equipment that cost more than my house, I swear! lol His work is all copyrighted but I can still send you some of his pictures and maybe it will give you some ideas for your own.

Also love the headbands and hats you've been making, they're so delightful!! xoxo

Janet said...

You've been busy! The photos are great! Looks like you've found something you really enjoy doing.

And the headbands and hats are adorable.

Naturegirl said...

Beth! Welcome back to blogging! I was also away from it for some time and God bless my faithful followers for not giivng up on me! Sometimes it's good to avoid blogging because when one resumes it so much fun reconnecting with long lost friends like you!
Your photos are great..some super memories for the family and with photoshop so much FUN creating different effects!
Happy New Year! hugs Anna

Rosa said...

So happy you're back! Your photos are wonderful! I'm sure everyone is very happy with the results! You have been busy with those headbands and caps! Wow! Beautiful!! xo

Shopgirl said...

So glad to see you here...Have a wonderful new year and I will be back...the bows are wonderful and your picture are amazing...the kids are growing. Hugs, mary

Jeanie said...

Beth, your portraiture is wonderful. Beautiful children and you did them well!