Monday, June 20, 2011

Well Hello,,,Remember me? Probably not as it's been SO LONG!!!

So,,yes, I am really posting.  And all I can say is,,yes,,,it has been a few since I have posted.  I don't know. I just felt like I really didn't have a lot to post about,,lol.  And I guess I just got a little tired of blogging.  But I am going to give it another shot.  I hope I remember how as it has been so long and my brain has a lot of Senior moments. Ha Ha!
And here we are in the Sweet Summertime.  I sure have enjoyed having summer back again.  It was a LONG and VERY COLD WINTER.  And wow,,I don't even want to talk about what a horribly destructive Spring that we had here in the South.  It was one of the scariest ones that I have been in since 1974.  I was very lucky that none of my family in Alabama were effective by the devastation there.
Yep,,,I am enjoying the summer!
You know I have the pool set back again.  I sure do Love to hang in it.  Probably hang there a little too much.  But whew,,the two weeks after Memorial day were so HOT & DRY!  It stayed in the mid 90s and the humidity made it even worse.  And by dry I mean we had no rain.  But last week we finally started getting some rain again.   Much nicer!
And of course,,,I have been working in the yard  and have a garden again..  This year the garden is smaller.  It's more easier to have a smaller garden when your the only person who can tend to it.  Last year mine didn't do so great.  My parents and brother were going to the Farmers Market and buy produce to can and freeze.  So this year I only have tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash and zucchini.  I really only care about the tomatoes and cucumbers as far as what I will can this year.  If the squash produces well I will freeze that too.
Here are a few of my flowers,,haven't took pics of the garden as I had to replant it when some hungry bunnies decided to feast on it.

These pics above were taken a few weeks ago. Need to get out there and take some more as every thing is really looking so lovely right now.  I was so hesitant to put out all of my figurines in the yard yet because we are going to be getting a new roof soon.  The first bad storm that we had here in April damaged the roof to the house and to our detached Garage/shop with straight line winds.  That was a scary storm.  But, the Hub and the Contractors that have been to give us estimates have said they will be very careful of my flowers and my yard art. (whew).
And last, but not least,,,I have been doing some Art off and on.  I have so enjoyed doing a lot of drawing and using my pens, markers and watercolors.

Yes,,they are kind of strange,,it's a blend of Zentangles and Fantasy flowers. But it's so relaxing to do these.  
I am in the process of revamping my Art Studio too.  I have purged a lot of the materials that I haven't been using for a while.  In fact, I think I am going to try to set up a E-bay account and start trying to sell some mixed media materials that I no longer use.  Just got to figure out how to do that.  
My Mom is doing really good right now.  Stepdad is stable.  He has really had a very rough time this past year.  He now hows a permanent Cathe as his bladder was damaged so they made a incision into his bladder.  It's better to do it that way as less chance of infection.  I don't go far away from them now days.  My stepbrother is still living with them too.  But I try to do all I can for Mom by taking her to all her doctor's appointments and to her sister's house and to her weekly hair appointment.  I also planted her flowers this year and take care of them too.  Sweet Mom's pic below from this spring!
Yes,,as you can see,,I truly did not disappear, well maybe from blogger world.  But I am back and going to try a lot harder to post much more often.  And try to catch up with every one else.  I have missed you all and you have all been in my thoughts.  Now I am off to visit as many as I can.  Then have to do some grass cutting and then you will find me where I am in the picture below.  :-)  See you soon.


Janet said...

Not only do you have a flower garden outside, you also have one growing wildly in your art! I love your fantasy flowers!!

I've been wondering about you and about what's been going on. I knew that sooner or later we'd hear something. Now I know why you've been so're out there in your pool just chillin'!

Shopgirl said...

Beth, I have missed you so much. And to see your Mom doing well is a blessing. Look at you so tan and enjoying the summer sun. I love your magical flowers. It is good to know you have been doing your art. I have been MIA from being creative, but this will pass and I will be back doing something.
It was so good to see your name and have you back. Big Hugs, Mary

Jeanie said...

Welcome back to blogland, my friend! Your garden is amazing! Beats my small potted herbs! And your art is blooming, too! Glad all is well at home -- it's good to see and hear from you again!

PEA said...

Do I know you??? Who are you??? Hmmmm...oh yes, NOW I remember:-) hehe Hello dearest Beth, you have been SO missed. I was thrilled to see your comment on my blog. I can understand how blogging gets put on the back burner when life gets so busy or as you say, sometimes we just get tired of blogging and need a break. Now move over, I'm gettin' in that pool with you:-)

I'm so glad to hear that you nor your family were affected by all the flooding and such that went on this Spring. I kept watching the news coverage on CNN and it was just horrible.

Your flowerbeds look wonderful, you really did a great job at planting all those flowers. Mine are just starting to bloom now.

Love that picture of your mom, she's so sweet. Good to hear that she's doing so well at the moment, long may it continue. I bring my mom shopping and to appointments as well so I know how that keeps you busy!!

Your artwork and just amazing, it leaves me in awe. I have a hard time drawing a stick figure!!! lol

Sending big welcome back hugs. xoxox

jet1960 said...

Hey Bethie!
Thanks for stopping by my all-but-deserted blog! I'm glad to see you posting again, too! I've kept an eye out! Like you said, maybe we can encourage each other out of our bloggin slumps!

Sounds like you are keeping busy in your retirement! Glad to hear your Mom and stepdad are doing ok now.

Enjoy your summer! Little too hot for me lately, but we did get some rain today. That pool looks just the thing to cool off!

Love seeing your garden pictures!

Annie said...

Well, look who's back. Hi Beth. And be sure to please say hello to your dear mom, Lottie, as well.

Love your little garden. And I'm intrigued by your raised porch. Is that a typical style for the area to combat flooding? I've seen such houses elsewhere built like that with flooding in mind.

Stay cool in the pool. We could have used one of those yesterday.

Rosa said...

Missed your posts girl! Wish you were down here. Cleaning up and getting ready to close up the ol' girl. Where did the summer go? The cappn' is safe and put up on the wall now, so he's happy with his friend. Miss ya. Will be home next week. We need to do summin'. xo

Jody said...

Beth - LOVE the fantasy flowers....they are sooo cool!!! I have not resumed my blog, but will do that in the near future. Hello to your mom for me, glad they are doing better!