Monday, August 23, 2010

Yet again!

So I guess I really didn't keep up my comitment that I made almost 2 weeks ago.  But I really did try.  I am still having some issues with my pictures.  But I have been trying to do it at work on a computer that is older than dirt.  It gets kind of fustrating.  I try to move my pictures in the blog and some how I leave parts of them and then blogger says "Nope,,won't work"  or something like that.  So, until I am off work for good, which by the way is this friday, I am just going to try to upload one pic a day.  My pic today is a skeleton of a Cicada that was a model for me one night when I was playing with my new camera.  I am going to get better with my picture taking as I am going to be taking a Basic Photography class every Thursday night for the next 10 weeks.  I want to learn how to master, aperture, and shutter speeds, and various other wonderful tasks that my new Rebel Camera can do.  I actually talked a good friend in to taking it with me so it should be fun.
I hope every one is doing well !  After some pretty nasty, hot temps the past few weeks, we are starting to cool down a little.  I will take low 90's with lower humidity over upper 90's and 100% humidity any day.
I am going to try to post one more picture at the end of my post.  I hope it works.  Another shot that I took late one evening when some thunderhead clouds were coming in.

Wow,,,I actually did it,,I have post 2 pictures, and I am at work.  I will master this picture issue soon.  I am sure it's all operator error now.  Love to all my friends! xoxoxoxoxo


Rosa said...

Beautiful pics. WOW Bethy. It is gorgeous. Even with the cicada. (ew) yes, feeling much better, inside and out--dehumidifier is working. My har is straight! go figure!!! miss ya gul.

Rosa said...

ps i now have the same blogger type picture installer. yuk. i don't like it either. it doesn't give you much room for adjusting. don't like it!

jet1960 said...

Love the pics! I'm having trouble trying to post pics now. This newest blogger thing is turning some of my pics vertical that need to be horizontal. I'm going to go back to the orginal way to see if that helps, although it says it will be going away. I complained to blogger and saw that others are having problems also. Maybe they will fix it.

Annie said...

That's a skeleton?? I'm surprised. By the way, Beth - Two down, three to go.

Jeanie said...

These photos are dazzling. The top one -- WOW TO THE MAX! GREAT camera, and great eye, too.

How do you get them so big?