Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just 2 more!

Today as I was walking into my office this mornng, I thought to myself,,"wow,,I only have to walk in here two more mornings."  I kind of got choked up,,but just for a second.  I always thought others were kind of looney for being so sentimental when they retired, but now I can truly understand why they were like that.  It's really a bittersweet feeling.  Yes,,,I am glad I don't have to drive 37 miles into work every morning in rush hour traffic.  Yes, I am excited to be able to enjoy the activities that I love to do, such as Art, photography, sleeping late(biggie)  getting to spend more time with my family(espiecally Hubby, Mom and kids).  Spending more time with my wonderful friends(and that means you, Rosie).  Hopefuly doing some traveling, lots of reading and gardening too.  It's just going to be wonderful.  But,,,,I am going to miss my friends from work.  And feeling semi- important when someone depends on me to help them out.  It's just a really wierd feeling.
I guess if I was alot older I would wonder what is the next phase after retiring?  Growing elderly and then leaving this life one day?   But since I am fairly young I feel like I can accomplish a few more things and check off some items on my Bucket list.  I also plan on coming and helping out at the Adult program and visiting my friends at work.  I firmly believe that Adult Education is very much needed now days.  People are finally figuring out that even McDonalds will not hire you unless you have a High School Diploma or GED.
So now I will quit yakking and leave you with some more pictures.  These are some pictures of the time I spent in Riverside.  I will post more as I have time,,which I should have a little more of soon.  I hope every one is enjoying some cooler temps. like we are for a change.

Beautiful Mobile Bay at Sunset.

A Egret at Pensacola Park on the Bay!

Rosemary and Mr. A.(the teen)

Mr A. and I at Bahama Bobs for lunch. On Gulf Shores beach.

I Love the Sea oats and this fence,,made for a great shot!

A little bit of refreshments at Lulu Buffetts(Jimmy's sister).
And No,,I wasn't tipsy,,my eyes do that is pictures sometimes, lol.

My delish Barb-que Shrimp at Felix's Fish Camp. Yummy!


Janet said...

Yea! I know how bittersweet it must be for you but I also know you will love having time of your own. Good for you. Enjoy all the things you want to do and just be happy.

Great photos!

Rosa said...

I am so happy for you Bethy! We can start hanging! Woooooot. Love all your pictures. I was just thinking about our time together today also. It was WONDERFUL! (i wonder what the capt. is doing)

Jeanie said...

FAB photos. And I'm so happy for the retirement -- I think you'll enjoy it to the max~