Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yes,,finally another post!

I know, I didn't do what I said I would do when I was off last week for spring break. But unfortnately nothing went as planned. My Mom got sick with a cold and didn't feel like doing much at all and I spent my break taking care of her. Yes, I was pretty bummed out. I didn't get to see my BFF-Rosemary, didn't get to do our fun outting, just didn't get to do much of any thing.
But thats my Mom and she is 81 years old and I won't have her around that many more years and she is my top BFF.(Best Favorite Friend).

My mood was pretty low last week but I put my big girl pants on and got over it. Plus, I did have 2 spring like days weather wise. I got to play in the flower beds, lots of bulbs coming up.
I did take pictures but haven't downloaded them into PC yet. So the flower above is a old one!

Today its Sunny and going to be 72 degrees. So when I get off work I will be outside till dusk.

I got a really important e-mail today! My Luck has changed! I found out that I won a wonderful prize in Sweet Pea's Corner blogiversary! I am so excited. Its been forever since I have won any thing. I won the most precious Bunny Teapot and the cups to match!

Are they not CUTE or what? It made my day! Its her 4 year Blogiversary! Thanks again, Pea! I Love them and will treasure them so much. They are going to go with my other Bunny collection and I will post a picture of them all together when my gift arrives.
So, I got to thinking about when my Blogiversary day will be here. So I went back and looked and it is coming up, May 30th! And it will also be my 4th one too. So,,,of course I am going to have to have a giveaway, but of course. And,,I will be off of work by then too!
I have been doing several more different types of jewelry pieces. During my spare time which isn't too often. But, I am hoping if we can work every thing out, that maybe I won't have to go back to work this fall. If this happens then I will start creating more jewelry and try to start selling some pieces. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.
I am going to be pretty busy the next couple of months. I will be planting and working on my Flower beds and Mom's too. I also am having my garden tilled up next week too. Can't wait to start playing in it and getting some good Veggie crops growing!
But I will be popping in to visit every one and will post here too.
Lots of Hugs to my Blogger Buds! Hope you all are having a nice week!


PEA said...

I just knew you would love that email! hehe Congratulations once again, dear Beth, I had a huge smile on my face when I realized you were the 43rd comment:-) I have your address already so I will be mailing your prize to you tomorrow.

What a shame your mom got sick while you were on your Spring break and you couldn't do what you had planned but as you say, you don't have very many years with her left so take advantage of every day you can spend with her:-)

I was out looking at my flowerbeds this morning and was shocked to see my little crocuses all in bloom...they don't usually bloom until April but with the sunny and mild temps we've been having the last couple of months and NO SNOW, it's no wonder the plants are all confused! lol Hopefully you'll be having gorgeous Spring weather soon, it truly does lift the spirits.

Wishing you the very best of luck with your jewelry making and selling...oh yes, wouldn't it be wonderful if it went so well you wouldn't have to go back to work?!! Keeping everything crossed for you! lol

Take care of YOU my friend and congratulations again. xoxo

Kim's Treasures said...

So sorry your mom has been sick and caused a change of plans. I would be a little pouty too! But you're right we only have them for a while longer.

Sounds like beautiful weather! How nice! Today it's 54 here and it feels really nice with the sun out!

Love the tea set you won! How fun, just in time for Easter tea!

Enjoy your flower bed planning and planting!

Jeanie said...

Now THAT's a great teapot! Congratulations! Glad you're back on the blog and glad you posted that flower pic -- it's lovely!

Rosa said...

I'm so happy your mom is feeling better. I know it's tough, but like you said, she's your BFF and that's the most important. Take it from one who knows, if you had come out and left momma at home, you would have worried the entire time. You did the right thing, even though I missed you. Pout. It's ok to pout. lol xoxoxo

Rosa said...

ps congrats on Pea's big win! Schweeeet!

jet1960 said...

Sorry to hear your week off didn't go as planned, especially that Lottie is not feeling well. Hope that she is better. The best-laid plans, you know, don't usually work out, or that is my experience. Just have to be glad when they do.

Congratulations on your winnings! Lovely! Just to let you know I have been working on your cuff and am at a point where I am trying to decide on the finishing touches. BTW, I got my sewing machine out and USED it! Hope I get more at ease and will be able to use it to do some fabric art work, as well.