Monday, March 29, 2010

Mellow Monday!

Monday's are usually pretty mellow for me. Now that spring has arrived I am spending most of my time working out in the yard on the week-ends. So, even though I am back at work on Mondays and busy too, its more mental than physical work.
I took the picture above of sweet Karlita the Kitty, enjoying the sun on Saturday. She is getting older and enjoys sun sitting and looking for critters. On Saturday morning we had to take her and Lady Brat to get their yearly shots and they both were pretty laid back the rest of the day.
When we first moved into our house a little over two years ago, several neighbors told us about a lake that was a short walk away from the house. I have been trying to walk every day now and on friday afternoon after work I decided to walk down to the lake.
Our road dead ends into the road that goes down to the lake. We live in a neighborhood but as you go down Black road it starts turning into a beautiful country side stroll. The forsythia is so pretty right now and the redbud trees too.

I Love the old house in the picture above. Its abandoned now but there is a old couch and chair that are still sitting on the front porch. I always wonder when I walk by about the people who use to sit out there. I imagine them to have been a elderly husband and wife, just good country folk, sitting there enjoying the late afternoon sunshine. The barn is behind their house too so I am sure they owned a good bit of the land around the house. I Love all the buttercups planted around the house too.

Right past the house you look over to left and this is what you see.
Yep, its the interstate. This road is right next to Instate 40. Its noisy but still pretty. And then when you get to the end of the road it turns into a gravel road that leads to the lake.
The lake is on private property but the people who own it don't mind if you walk down to the lake. I am sure they try to keep people from hunting on the land and I am not sure if they care if you fish or not.

There is a boat dock on the lake too. My neighbor told me that several people would bring their boats there, but once some teen-agers wrecked on the lake and it killed one of the boys, so they roped off the boat ramp now. They built a gazebo off of the dock that is really pretty.

I was really excited to find this wonderful spot. I plan on walking down here alot this spring and summer. I can't wait till the trees start turning greener too. And I am sure in the early mornings there will be alot of deEr down here too and other wildlife. It will make my walk so much more enjoyable knowing that this quiet refuge is here. Even though the interstate is close by, you don't seem to hear it as much down by the lake.
Well, I just had to share my fun walk this past week-end. I hope every one is doing ok and that you all had a great week-end. Have a wonderful Monday!


Jeanie said...

Hey, Beth -- none of your pictures (except one) loaded. Probably a google/blogger thing, but wanted you to know (I'm on a fast computer today.)

SOUNDS lovely, though -- and how nice to have that so close at hand! Spring is coming here, too -- and not a moment too soon! Cheers!

Jeanie said...

OK, they're coming back. There was a server error. Ick. Love the one of Karlita Kitty!

Jeanie said...

Blogger's back in gear and your pix look great!

Janet said...

The kitty looks so cute sitting there in the sun. My cats like to find spots of sun around the house.

What a beautiful place to walk. I wish I had something like that close to me so I could be inspired to walk more.

jet1960 said...

What a lovely place to walk. Sorry to hear about Lottie. Hope she gets better.

PEA said...

If I lived near you, I'd be going for a walk to that lake with you every day, what a gorgeous spot!! You know how much I love abandoned houses and this one looks so interesting. Like you, I often wonder who lived in these houses and what their life was like. All of your pictures are wonderful!

I'm hoping you receive my package soon, I want you to have the teapot and cups in time for Easter!! I mailed it over a week ago so fingers crossed it gets there by Friday! Love ya. xoxo

Shopgirl said...

We are so lucky to have a lake near us, I think Lake Lowell is about 3/4 of a mile from us. It is fun to ride down on the bike. There is a Lavender Farm on the path I take, it smells so hevenly.
Love your pictures. A great walk!
Hugs, Mary

Flower said...

Thanks for a lovely stroll in your part of the country and neighborhood! Great pictures of the old house, kitty and everything!

LollyChops said...

I bet that since you posted this it's even more beautiful there now.

What a lovely area you live in beth!!!!