Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Year and New Art.

I have really been slacking on blogging and also on creating Art, at the end of this past year. I am going to try to be better in both of these departments this year. I am so into playing with digital art right now. I have the newest version of Photoshop Elements, version 8.
One of my favorite mixed media artists, DJ Pettitt, offered a great workshop on it last month, so I signed up as a Christmas present to myself, lol. I Love her digital art as much as I Love her real paintings. I have also been playing with PSE while I have been off the past two weeks. I have gained more experience in working with and manipulating images. Thought I would post a few images that I did recently.

These are my cardinals that are hitting on my feeders right now. Its been bitterly cold here since New Years Eve and my feathered friends are living off my feeders. We may have a good chance for snow here by thursday. I hope so as I sure would love to have some more snow pictures to play with in PSE.
I hope every one is staying warm. I think two thirds of the country is in the deep freeze right now.
I go back to work on Tuesday, ugh!

Until then,


Janet said...

Love your new blog look!! And your PS pictures are beautiful. I hope I learn a lot in this class 'cause I'm a REAL beginner. DJ has her work cut out for her with me!!

jet1960 said...

Very pretty pics! I look forward to seeing what you come up with from the workshop. You were already very proficient at digital art, so I know it will be amazing.

Shopgirl said...

these are really good...snow coming here...any minute from the look of the sky. I would love to take a class. I am self taught, so there must be a lot of things I am missing.
Have fun, Mary

Rosa said...

Awwww. They are so pretty! Miss you! xoxo

Cat said...

Wonderful work, love the new look!

Jeanie said...

Your photoshop work is always wonderful. I'll look forward to seeing more of it! LIke the new look!

Cat said...

I sure like your pictures with the color against the B & W! You are good that this!

Happy New Year!
Hi to Lady from the Jack Pack!

LollyChops said...

These are really lovely pics Beth! I love love love cardinals!