Friday, April 03, 2009

More rough weather

Yesterday was another day of very rough weather. We had several tornado outbreaks in Tennessee and Alabama. We had a couple that actually touched down in Nashville. Below are a few pictures of the damage.

The picture below is a couple of tractor trailer trucks that were blown over. And this all happened at rush hour, don't you know this was a fun commute.

It hit a Firestone store and took the roof off of it. The two people inside were not hurt.

We were lucky because besides a few scrapes and bruises, no one was seriously injured.
This is the weather that we deal with every spring and sometimes fall and summer. Occasionally in the winter we will have a few tornado outbreaks. Our local stations meterologists do an excellent job of staying on air and keeping the public informed where these monsters are likely to attack. We also have tornado sirens scattered about too.
It wasn't too bad out where I live which is west of Nashville.
Eleven years ago today we had a very serious outbreak of tornadoes. A very big one hit downtown Nashville and really did a lot of damage. There were several of them that day. I got caught on a interstate in one and had to abandon my car and along with several other people, rode it out under a bridge. It was scary to say the least and several people were praying, I was one of them. Its definetly true about what they say,,,they do sound like a freight train when they are coming through.
I have been through several tornadoes in my life. Back in 1974 when I lived in Alabama, we had so many of them come through one night and it was on April 3rd too. Back then they didn't have the radars and the sophisticated equipment that they have now to stay on top of them. So several hundreds of people lost their lives. They were supercell outbreaks all over the south. Alot of death and destruction. One came very close to hitting out house but veered a different direction and missed us by only a half a mile. I can remember standing in my front yard which was close to the Tennessee River and watching them go down the river. The would hit the sides of the river bank and suck up red clay. It made the tornado cloud look like a mass of angry bubbling red witches cauldren. So I have alot of respect for Tornadoes and know that they are not something you take lightly. We actually have tornado drills in our schools, just as many as we have fire drills. Scientists can control alot of things in our life now days but the one thing they cannot control is Mother Nature!
I hope every one has a wonderful week-end. One more thing,,,please keep my dear friend Rosemary in your thoughts. Her mother had a stroke last week-end and is not doing so great and has had to go to a Nursing Home. My prayers are with my dear friend at this time.


CattyCat said...

Wow Beth, I'm so glad you are OK. But for we who have never been around tornados this is an education to read yout post. I hope your beautiful garden beginnings, seen in your last post, survivrd 100%.

Kim's Treasures said...

So glad you're ok!!!

PEA said...

Dearest Beth,

Thank God you are safe! We don't usually get tornadoes around here and when we do, they are on a small scale, nothing like what you've gone through! I'm sure one doesn't get used to them, no matter how many you live through...they sound so terrifying. The destruction they can cause is so devastating and the lives they take is unforgiving. Please stay safe and know that I'm thinking of you. xoxo

jet1960 said...

Scary pictures!

Dh and I were coming back from Decatur last evening(his idea to go eat at Logan's). After passing under partially clear skys where we could see stars, we turned on the road that goes behind Lacon Flea Market where we ran into a storm with rain blowing sideways and sticks flying at the car. I was very glad to get home. Holly saw a funnel cloud driving home from her student teaching yesterday in Tuscaloosa. A very scary day, but thankfully no damage near any of us.

Glad you all are ok.

Janet said...

I'm so glad you're ok. Tornadoes are nothing to take lightly, that's for sure. I've been very close to them but thankfully never been right in the path of one. Stay safe!erivalog

Cat said...

Scary stuff! I'm glad you are okay.
Tornadoes are horrible horrible things! I lived in Oklahoma for a few months for a job many years ago and tornadoes scared the bejeebies out of me.

Cat said...

P.S. Got pups! We added 2 more JRT females to the pack! Ohhhh how fun...

Hi to Lady!