Sunday, September 09, 2007

Butterfly Shadow Box

Well yes, I am finally posting again. I sure didn't get around to it last week. Work was long and hard last week, enough said. So here are the pics of the beautiful butterfly box that my Sweet Mom made and I was lucky enough to recieve in the swap.

The pictures just don't do it justice. I wanted to take pictures of it outside, but its been a wonderful, rainy week-end, so I had to take them inside. She worked so hard on it and I am just so proud of it. It sits on proud display on one of my art shelves in the living room. Here are some pictures of my art shelves.

Its been such a wonderful week-end. I really didn't do alot. I went and got my nails done yesterday and had my eyebrows waxed. Just a little spoiling of ones self, I felt I deserved it after the long, hard work week. Today I worked on some ATCs for some trades. It rained most of the day and boy, did we sure need it. My Football team, the Titans won, so you know I was a happy camper. Hubby worked on some inside projects and we just had a really nice Sunday.
He went outside earlier and came in and said "Come outside and look at all the Wild Turkeys in the yard next door". We have alot of them around here. I guess they were out for a stroll in the rain. I ran in and got the camera and managed to get a shot of one.

He looks a little worried, maybe because Thanksgiving is just around the corner? They really are not very good to eat, and he looks a tad bit on the skinny side, lol.
I hope every one has had a great week-end. I miss you all and will try to post more next week. I am on the computer all day at work and I don't really want to get on mine when I get home.
I am getting up every morning and do my treadmill for a couple of miles as I feel like I need some excercise. That helps alot!
Now I am off to visit your blogs!!!


Janet said...

I don't know where to start! The butterfly box is beautiful and I'm sure it will always be a treasure since your mom made it for you. You have so many lovely artsy things displayed in your home.

The wild turkey brought back memories of Colorado. My hubby took tons of photos of wild turkeys roaming through his friend's yard.

Sorry your work week was so hard. I know how it is to work with a computer all day....I sure wouldn't have wanted to use one at home! But I do miss you!!

Rosa said...

Hey Bethy! I love that box your mom did. Soooo pretty. Yep, we have those ugly turkeys too. They stay in the woods across the street and in the neighbor's yards, thank goodness. hehe, I thought bout what a wild turkey would taste like, probably too gamey for my likes. Good for you getting your nails done. I need my feet done in a bad way. I've let them go. Oh well, almost time to cover them up anyway! xo

AnnieElf said...

I'm loving my excursion through your house and enjoying all the pretties and what do I spy but a wild turkey. How cool is THAT!!??