Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New Floor!

I finally have a wonderful new floor in my living room. The grungy brown thread bare carpet is history. I now have a awesome heirloom cherry laminate floor. It is so pretty! So soft to walk on. Our bratty dog Lady is n0t so sure about it. She liked her carpet better. She knows she cannot have accidents on this new floor or she will be history,,lol. Not really,,she is my baby girl. We still have to put the trim back down, and also we are doing the dining room and the hallway. I have been wanting this for so long,,its like a dream come true!!!


AnnieElf said...

HI BETH!! Welcome to blogworld. I was delighted to get your comment this morning. I would be happy to help you navigate around the menu and get comfy with the process. I needed help too, especially with the html part. After I got started though it was pretty intuitive. I'm heading to work now but will check in during the day.

P.S. congrats on the new floor. Isn't it wonderful when we do something new for our house? Check out the backyard project farther down in my blog. Hugs.

Beth said...

Oh,,Annie,,yes I did look at your new backyard fountain. What a great idea! That will be so nice to sit by and relax. I have a little small pond that I chill by as much as I can.
I am having problems adding to the sidebar of my blog. I have read and read and tried to make sense. I want to have a place that says
My Faves- and then have links to your blog, Viccis, and other friends. Just can't seem to make it happen. I also want to post a link to my webshot pics.
I definetly need some help,,lol.

vicci said...

Beth...I love your blog!!! I'm so glad you are here!!! The new floor is pretty darn awesome also...I'll be looking at your blog often...thanks for visiting mine! I also love posting pics of flowers...(close-ups).....