Monday, May 14, 2012

Busy, Baby, and a little bit of Art.

  Hi Blogger Friends,,it's been a while,,but of course that's the way it has been for the past few years.  But things are calming down some now. Sweet Larriyah is now 6 weeks old.  She is starting to smile and is getting quite chunky.

She, of course, has me completely wrapped around her pinky!  The only problem we have had so far is that she is still not the best sleeper.  She wakes up every 1 to 2 hours.  We have tried every thing to get her to sleep longer at night. We tried cereal but she still wakes up so we stopped that as we don't want her to get to heavy.  Her Mommy is so wonderful,,she gets up with her all night long.  When I wake up in the early morning, I wait till I hear her start fussing and then go and get her so her Mommy can sleep for as long as she needs too.   And I sure do enjoy that early morning snuggling and loving time that we spend together.  It's our bonding time.  

This is a sleep bag and hat that my Mom (Larriyah's Great Granny) made for her.

She Loves her bath time!
I am doing a small garden this year,,VERY SMALL!  I only have 10 tomato plants, 6 cucumber plants, 2 bell pepper plants, and several different herbs. Life is too busy for me to do much more than that.

This is my Oregano.  It comes back bigger and better every year.

And of course I am still in to all my flower gardens in the yard.

I hope all of my friends are having a great Spring.  Not much longer and it will be Summer.  I sure hope to post a little more often too.  My next post is going to be a Zentangle that I did for a challenge on another blog.  Much Love to every one! XOXOXO


Janet said...

Your granddaughter is adorable! I think that picture of her in the sleep bag and hat looks like one of those famous flower baby photos...I can't think of the photographer's name right now.

And even with a small garden I'm envious!

Shopgirl said...

What would we do without our babies, she is so pretty. You must have had so much fun taking these. Hugs, Mary