Friday, March 02, 2012

Sweet Little Foot!

Kalyn at 33 weeks of Pregnancy!
It seems like my Sweet Granddaughter just does not want to let us see her face. The past several times that my daughter has had a Ultrasound, Larriyah keeps her hands in front of her face!  Yesterday they even took a horn device that they called a baby simulator and put it on Kalyn's stomach and honked it.  Larriyah moved her hands but not away from her face.  The Tech. did it again,,this time Larriyah just waved her little hand, as if to say, "I hear you, Bye Bye, leave me alone now!"   She already has a reputation with the Ultrasound Techs. at Vanderbilt as being Stubborn and Camera Shy. 
But other than being stubborn, she is doing really good!  We always get to see her little heart beating and all of her other organs.  Oh,,and she is really good about showing her feet!  Well, at least she isn't always showing her butt. Ha Ha!  I Love this Sweet Baby so much and can't wait to meet here  FACE-TO-FACE!
And I also want to kiss that Sweet little foot!   I hope every one has a happy Friday and a Great Week-end.  We are under the gun for Tornadoes again today. Getting tired of Severe Weather,,ready for a mild spring.


Janet said...

Are you getting just a tad bit excited?!! You're going to be the world's best grandma. That little one is going to be spoiled rotten before she ever gets here! You make me smile with your excitement. I'm so happy for you.

Shopgirl said...

I love to see baby feet...I just know she is adorable, and that you are going to have so much fun. I love the hands over the face...she is just not ready for her coming out will just have to wait..God love you all, Mary

Rosa said...

I like her Indian name, Little Sweet Foot! Momma looks good!!! So happy for you all!!!

Annie said...

Too cute. I can hear it now. "Talk to the FOOT".

PEA said...

Before you know it, you will be kissing those little feet and toes:-) How funny that she is not wanting to show her face in the ultra sounds! hehe The pictures we had seen of Lily in 3D scans, she was always yawning! lol I love the name they've chosen for her...oooh I'm just so excited for you:-)

Please be safe from those horrible tornadoes!! xoxo