Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Our Flooded part of the Country!

Well, it seems like here lately all I have been posting about is some bad events in my life. First my Aunt, and now this.  I am sure most of you have heard about our horrible Flood that we had here in Middle Tennessee this past week-end.  Some of our parts had 15 inches of rain within 48 hours.  It has caused major devastation all over. 
The picture above is of the Grand Old Opry house in Nashville.  It sits right next to the Cumberland River which is now 12 ft over flood stage.  It has flooded so many of our major landmarks in Nashville and other areas around us.  The next pictures are of Opryland Hotel! Very, very, heartbreaking.

The most saddest part is that we have lost 18 lives in our area from this horrific Act of Nature.  Entire subdivision with beautiful homes are sitting under water now.  Our football stadium where my beloved Titan's play has water in it up to the first row of seats.  Major landmarks in Downtown Nashville, Wild Horse Saloon, Hard Rock Cafe, Country Music Hall of Fame, and our new Symphony Hall, they are all damaged by the flood water.
Nashville is now down to one Water Plant that is operational and its in danger too.  I have never in my life seen this degree of flooding in my whole 48 years, except when I saw the coverage of Katrina. And this does compare to it in my mind. 
I live 30 miles west of Nashville but I work there.  Our county was hit hard but not where I live.  We did have water in our yard but never in the house.  Just about every county in the middle Tennessee area suffered some type of flood issues from the top of the state to the bottom.  Below are some more pictures.

I could keep on and on, showing these heart breaking images.  The River finally crested last night and is suppose to start receding today.  Next will come alot of clean up for our Area, and good-byes to the ones we lost.  Please keep us all here in Middle Tennessee in your thoughts and prayers.  We are going to need them.
Much Love to you all!


Janet said...

Beth, I had no idea it was as bad as this!! I don't pay much attention to the news. This is just devastating....but I'm glad you didn't have water in your home. I'll keep you and your part of the world in my thoughts. Sending huge big hugs!

JessInFocus said...

My heart sank when I saw Opryland Hotel and the Grand Ol Opry. It is going to take a long time to get back to normal after this.

We went out to eat Saturday evening and my friend pulled up an article on her phone and my first thought was that it looked like Katrina. It is just so unbelievable.

Rosa said...

This sure does put things in perspective. Hope you don't mind my tagging your photos in my post. So so sad.

Lotus said...

Those pictures are amazing... My family lives in Fairfield and my brother was unable to go to work for two days due to the flooding. Thankfully, my family was safe, though they were unable to leave their property those two days. The creek grew three times it's size and flooded all the roads around.

Although this is a true tragedy, we are a strong people and we'll recover! God Bless you and your family. I'll keep you in my prayers along with my family!

Shopgirl said...

I have been watching your news and heard about this devastation.
It seems like bad things happen to everyone but us until we are the us!!! I will continue to pray for the people of your part of the country and for you...this is your state, your homeland...
Hugs, Mary

Jeanie said...

These photos are really compelling -- I'm glad you and your family are OK, but boy -- I really feel for all those in your part of the world who are under water. It WILL take a long while to get back to normal.

jet1960 said...

This is horrible, Beth. What I've seen about the disaster there has been mostly from your posts here and on Facebook. I was working and away from home a lot during and after this happened. My Mom and I were wondering did it get the old Opry House? I couldn't tell from the pics if this was the old or the new. How are things going now?